inspiration: *spark* 1

My January has flown by with the blinders of new love and a surprise dunk into future possibility. As I watch the new become the norm, with time as my teacher, I am able to notice the sun once again. It's that accordion sensation of perspective. Change brings a narrowing and acceptance a broadening. But oh what a dazzling show. The sun shone brightly and couldn't help but be noticed. My energy was lifted, my smile so easy. Isn't it great when something so central, so simple, so obvious, comes back like a long forgotten friend? Like the moment we remember to breathe, or even to eat. It's silly and stupid how our gussied-up canoodles make life so darn complicated and profound sometimes that basic instincts, needs and desires get utterly neglected. When in reality, if they were always taken care of, the other abstract functionings that we long for so badly would easily be sustained. It's at times like this, when my focus has narrowed, that I look to nature. I notice the air and the sky and their beauty. I notice the sun when it chooses to shine. And gosh darn it, it works! Even here, in the frozen Wisconsin tundra.