Translating physical sensation (i.e. emotion) into intentional                                                 expression, whether it be delicately notated or spontaneously                                                                  voiced, is my primary interest in music (heck, in life). 


As a collaborative composer, performer, educator, and improviser, my aim is to promote emotional awareness and growth, compelling the questioning of perception and the breaking down of expectation.

Inspired by encounters with artists (in no particular order) Meredith Monk, Theo Bleckmann, Bobby McFerrin, Tanya Tagaq, Ken Ueno, Paul Botelho, and Amanda Schoofs, I spend much of my time exploring raw and vulnerable vocal timbres. I founded my vocal trio, FOMA, in 2014 as a playing ground for this exploration. The group has fostered a unique performance experience, often involving embodied movement and dramatization, and rarely the use of text. In October of 2015, FOMA curated a performance featuring Dutch composer and sound artist Jaap Blonk. The group was aired live on WSUM radio and performed as visiting artists at the 2015 Art Blitz festival in Rochester, MN. 

As an appendage of my work with FOMA, I've started to write my first opera, a longtime dream of mine, with creative partner David (db) Pedersen. It's based loosely on Joseph Campbell's The Hero's Journey, exploring themes of trasmutation, belief, culture and its relationship to morality, love and its relationship to immortality. We expect to create an animated film version of the work, somewhat like Harry Nilsson's The Point!. Additionally, I'm working on a set of vocal etudes designed to demonstrate the bounds of the female voice. I intend to use the etudes as studies in notation, working to invent a clear and accurate representation of the intimate and nuanced sounds of the instrument.

A new (and old) resident of St. Louis, MO, I am currently building up my own private studio. As a teacher and coach, I go beyond the typical music lesson, helping students to connect to their bodies and their art on a deeper level. My practices are aimed at integrating creativity with holistic wellness, as the two are inextricably linked. Before moving to St. Louis, I had a growing studio of twenty students in composition, voice, and piano through the Madison Music Foundry. I was on faculty at the Madison Area Technical College and the Wheelhouse Studios. My courses included beginning piano/theory, group voice, aural skills, and composition. I sang in the Madison Choral Project, Madison's top professional choir. The group recently premiered my piece entitled My Brilliant Image (text by Rumi, translation by Daniel Ladinsky). I also accompanied dance classes at the University of Wisconsin - Madison, where I have collaborated with several dance faculty members on new works and have taught as a guest lecturer for the dance department. I received my master's degree in music composition from the University of Michigan, studying under Evan Chambers, Kristin Kuster, Erik Santos, and Stephen Rush. I received my bachelor's from Lawrence University, working with Joanne Metcalf, Asha Srinivasan, and Fred Sturm. I have also studied with composers Robert Aldridge, Kevin Puts, Robert Paterson, Melissa Dunphy, and Mari Kimura during my attendance at the Brevard Music Center, the Atlantic Music Festival, and the National Puppetry Conference. I am a member of ASCAP, the College Music Society (CMS), and the American Composers Forum (ACF). My works are published by Bachovich Music Publications.