I currently work as a Teaching Assistant for various music courses at the University of California - San Diego where I am pursuing my PhD in Integrative Studies. Below you'll find both courses that I am designing currently and my previous course offerings. I have taught both individually and in group settings. I have also coached ensembles (primarily vocal, cross-disciplinary and/or improvisational) and have given talks on various creative topics. If you're looking for a speaker, a coach, a music class or private lesson instructor, email or call me at (314) 712-8135.


Courses in development


Culturally Impactful Art


A historical and critical look at examples of art and art practices that make or have made a significant impact on the environments and cultures they interact with. This includes art made with the express purposes of being "applied" to a look at cultures that embed music or art into their daily activity. 


Models of Collaboration


An integration of experiential and lecture / discussion-based learning models for understanding the collaborative modes of creating. Experience is emphasized, with short and clear prompts enabling the execution of compelling ideas in a playful and safe space for exploration and "failure." 


Vocal Traditions of the World; Origins and Through-lines


This course is a lecture-based course that surveys the enormous breadth of vocalizations that humans around the world produce, their musical contexts and musical and cultural overlaps. This course is (will be) derived from extensive research I have done on this topic for my dissertation (expected: 2022).


Learn How People Sing All Over the World!


All ages and experience levels can enjoy this class. Learn to use your very own body to connect with different cultures from all over the world. Sing and explore with your classmates, and learn how powerful singing can be!


The Ethics of Integrating Sounds


This course will explore the ethical concerns of musical integration and research across cultures.  How do we understand "appropriation"? Who "owns" a sound? 


Past Course offerings


Getting to Know Your Voice


Students practice effective breathing techniques, find their natural alignment, strengthen their listening skills, explore the link between tension and tone, and discuss anatomy and physics, building the tools necessary for healthy and confident singing. Offered at the Madison Area Technical College.

Piano Semester 1


This course is for students with no or minimal piano background. Students will learn basic note reading, technique, rhythm, and music theory. Pieces will include familiar melodies of classical, folk and pop songs. Offered at the Madison Area Technical College.


Embodied Voice Workshop


Singing unleashes creativity, fuels self-expression, and boosts confidence. In this free form workshop, we will explore breath, movement, and body awareness to connect to ourselves and our voices. It is possible that you may only make one sound all evening. The key is to honor yourself, including giving yourself permission to push your own boundaries and lean into the edge of your comfort zone. Open to any level of previous experience. Singing is for everyone, and this is a safe place to explore. Offered through the Wheelhouse Studios.


Private Lessons


I currently offer holistic music lessons and coaching sessions at yours or my home office in San Diego, CA. Please see my Coaching page for more detailed information.




I am available for ensemble coaching. Find my contact info at the top of this page.


Three Split Blend: The Foundry Vocal Band


I am the founder of this ensemble, but am no longer leading it.

Offered at the Madison Music Foundry to current students (18 and under), Three Split Blend is a female vocal group that explores traditional and contemporary sounds from around the world. Influences include groups such as Sweet Honey in the Rock, Celtic Woman, Coco's Lunch, and Rising Appalachia (see video playlist).

As part of a small ensemble of voices, each member performs as a soloist, responsible for their own individual part. This gives the singers a chance to shine within the safety of the group, and the responsibility of holding their own. Singers get the opportunity to learn a wide array of vocal styles, playing with timbres and textures that only voices can create. Instrumentalists may join to provide accompaniment on selected tunes.

Be prepared to get creative, as many of the arrangements of tunes will be co-created and may involve improvisational elements.